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For those of you who don’t know MEPZ it is one of the oldest Export Processing Zones in India created in 1984. It is located in a beautiful valley between the hills south of Chennai Airport between Chromepet and Tambaram. During 2014 we discussed in MEPZMA how we could make better use of the beautiful campus and make it more known. Out of this the idea about an annual MEPZ run came about!

The MEPZ Run 2024 will host 3 Race Categories

The Half Marathon (21.1Km)

The 21.1 Km race goes through the beautiful MEPZ campus and through the forests areas behind MEPZ and follows the service roads along the Chennai Bypass and the Outer Ring road and returns back and finish in MEPZ.

The MEPZ Run (10 Km)

The race goes through the beautiful MEPZ campus and through forests areas behind MEPZ and follows the service lanes along the Chennai Bypass and returns back and finish in MEPZ.

MEPZ Run (5 Km)

The Mepz run starts and ends at the same place as the 10KM race, but the route is entirely inside MEPZ creating a safe environment for children to run along with adults.

Prize Amount

Half Marathon
S.NO Categories 1st 2nd 3rd
1 Female 18Y - 44Y 20000 15000 10000
Male 18Y - 49Y 20000 15000 10000
Female 45+ Above 20000 15000 10000
Male 50+ Above 20000 15000 10000
S.NO Categories 1st 2nd 3rd
1 Female 18Y - 44Y 10000 7500 5000
Male 18Y - 49Y 10000 7500 5000
Female 45+ Above 10000 7500 5000
Male 50+ Above 10000 7500 5000
S.NO Categories 1st 2nd 3rd
1 Female 6Y - 44Y 7500 5000 3000
Male 6Y - 49Y 7500 5000 3000
Female 45+ Above 7500 5000 3000
Male 50+ Above 7500 5000 3000

Gun Time vs Chip Time & Prize Money Distribution

Notes to Participants

Dear Participants,We hope this message finds you well as we gear up for the upcoming MEPZ RUN 2024. As part of our commitment to transparency and fairness, we want to bring your attention to a couple of key points related to the race timing and prize money distribution.

  • Gun Time vs. Chip Time:
    • The official timing for the marathon will be recorded using the “gun time” method. Gun time is the time elapsed from the official start of the race until the runner crosses the finish line.
    • While we understand the significance of “chip time” for individual runners, especially for personal records and pacing, we have opted for gun time as the official measure for consistency and fairness across all participants.
  • Prize Money Distribution:
    • The prize money for each category will be awarded based on the official gun time, as this reflects the overall performance and competitiveness of participants.
    • Prize money distribution will take place during the award ceremony following the race. Winners are requested to be present to receive their awards in person.
    • The awards ceremony will be held at the MEPZ Run finish line (Near Stage) to honor the winners & runner-ups in Age Category male and female finishers at approximately 8 am.
    • Those in contention for the awards need to stay back after their run at the stage area – volunteers would guide these individuals.
    • Winners can give their Bank details with their proofs ID card copy and Bib number.
    • Payment will be transferred within 21 days from race day.
  • Age Categories:
    • We have the following categories of race this year and they are as below across men and women
      • Half Marathon – Female – 18yrs – 44yrs
      • Half Marathon – Male – 18yrs – 49yrs
      • Half Marathon – Female – 45+yrs
      • Half Marathon – Male – 50+ yrs
      • 10km – Female – 18yrs – 44yrs
      • 10km – Male – 18yrs – 49yrs
      • 10km – Female – 45+yrs
      • 10km – Male – 50+ yrs
      • 5km – Female – 6yrs – 44yrs
      • 5km – Male – 6yrs – 49yrs
      • 5km – Female – 45+yrs
      • 5km – Male – 50+ yrs

We believe that these measures contribute to a level playing field for all participants and uphold the integrity of the competition. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in ensuring a smooth and fair event for everyone involved.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this notice, please feel free to reach out to our race organizers at (Email ID)

Thank you for being a part of the MEPZ Run 2024, and we look forward to an exciting and successful race day.

Best regards,

T-Shirt Distribution

Ever-Green Memories

Look through the memories that last a lifetime! MEPZ Run is held for a Greener Tomorrow and we have these pictures to prove it.

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A glimpse of our functioning for your easy perusal. Join the #GetFitTheGreenWay movement today!


Sponsors & Partners

We would like to thank our Sponsors & Partners. Without their support, we would not have been able to provide the level of service we provided!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my running category?

While we can’t commit that we can accept any changes, we will try to accommodate any requests but may have to limit such changes close to the race.

Can I give my BIB to someone else?

No! It is personal and non-transferable.

Bib Distribution

Important: There will be no bib distribution on race day.

Will there be any bag deposit service?

Yes we will provide a bag deposit service in MEPZ badminton hall. More details will be provided closer to the race.

What are the age criteria for running the different categories?

For the Half-Marathon (21.09 km) the participant must be 18 years and above unless he or she has permission from parents to run the race.

For the MEPZ Run (10 km) we recommend that participant are 18 years and above, but we will not enforce this.

For the (5 km), the participants should be 18 and above

What are the cut-off times for the different categories?

For the Half-Marathon, 4 hours

For the MEPZ Run (10Km), 2 hours

For the (5km) Run, 1 hour

We will drive a car along the route which reaches the finish line at the cut-off time. Any runner reaching the finish line after the cut-off time will not receive a medal or get his or her time noted.

What if I am injured during the race?

First aid stations will be located along the routes. Medical assistance will be available to injured participants. An ambulance service will also be available.

However, participants not completing the race within the cut-off time will not be issued their Medal or Finisher’s Certificate.

What happens if the race is called off due to extreme weather?

While the normal weather in Chennai at the time of the MEPZ Run is normally stable, the organiser need to reserve the right to call off the race in case of a cyclone, other extreme weather or natural or other disaster. In case the race has to be cancelled and alternatives cannot be arranged no refunds will be given since costs to vendors would still have to be paid. If the race is cancelled the organiser will still try to make alternative arrangements, but this cannot be guaranteed. This is part of the Rules & Regulations. In case this happens the organisers will inform all applicants and give detailed information.

What should I consume during the marathon?

Exactly what you should consume before and during a race depends on what your stomach can handle, but you definitely want to make sure you consume enough carbohydrate to delay glycogen depletion and hypoglycaemia and enough fluid to delay dehydration. Both conditions cause you to slow your pace. Taking carbs and fluid at regular intervals throughout the race can make a huge difference in how you feel and perform. Bananas and salt may also be helpful since they helps you avoiding cramps.

Event Location

1st MAIN ROAD, Mepz campus, Chennai-600045
Email : [email protected]
Tel : 044 – 44 4790 9673
PH : +91 95977 66205
For bulk booking or inquiries, reach us at contact [email protected]